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E-books and other e-materials: Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about e-books

This page gives you some answers to most common e-book questions. If you have a problem about a particular e-book, find out to which e-book collection the book belongs to and then take a look at the page E-book collections. If you can't find help to your problem from this guide, you can contact the library by email:

How can I read e-books?

You can find all Savonia library's e-books via Savonia-Finna. You can search for individual e-book for example by title or author. The link to the e-book can be found in the search result. If you are within Savonia network, the link usually opens without identification; outside the network you will be asked to login with your Savonia ID and password.

You can read most e-books online in your web browser. Some e-books you can download to your device and read them offline. If you would like to read an e-book without internet connection (offline), you must have a personal Adobe ID and an e-book reader software/application installed in your device.

What is an Adobe ID?

Free Adobe account is needed when downloading most e-books. The application/software for reading e-books must be authorized with an Adobe ID. Create first an Adobe account and then install a reader application/software to your device. Your Adobe ID is the email address you used to create the account.

Why my Adobe ID does not work?

First, try to change your password.

NB! One person can only have one Adobe ID. If you forget your password, do not create a new Adobe ID with the same personal information. Otherwise, Adobe can lock your Adobe ID. 

You can authorize 6 applications/devices with your Adobe ID at the most. If needed, you can deactivate the Adobe ID from one application and use it for another (app settings->deactivate).

How do I know in which e-book collection a particular e-book belongs to?

If you have problems with e-books, it is often necessary to find out to which e-book collection the book belongs to. After that, you might find the answers to your questions from E-book collections page.

You will find out the e-book's collection from the e-book link text in Savonia-Finna. For example: "Ebsco e-books" means that the e-book belongs to Ebsco e-books collection.



       Photo: Kirsi Rönnqvist  (CC-BY-SA-NC)

Do I need a specific software to read e-books?

If you read e-books online in a web browser, you don't normally need a specific e-book reader software.

However, most e-books can also be downloaded to a device so they can be read without internet connection. Downloading e-books requires always a free e-book reader software or application - usually it is Adobe Digital Editions for computers and Bluefire Reader for mobile devices. See more specific instructions from the Download and read e-books page.

How can an e-book be unavailable?

Many e-books have no restrictions on the number of simultaneous users, which means that those e-books are always available for use. However, some e-books have limits in how many customers can use them simultaneously. The limit can for example be one, two or three simultaneous users. If the limit is just one user and somebody downloads a book for offline use, nobody else can download it or even read it online until the loan period has expired.

Why a popular textbook is not available as an e-book in Savonia library?

Not all printed books are also available in e-book format. Please also note that although an e-book can be purchased by individuals it may not be available for organizations.

Savonia library always aims to purchase an e-textbook automatically, if one is available for libraries for reasonable price.

Can I print an e-book?

E-books can be printed for personal study and research use. There might be printing restrictions depending on the publisher or aggregator. You can find more information about printing from the E-book collections page.

Why can't I read downloaded e-books with Mac?

Mac normally opens downloaded files with Preview. Set PDF viewer to Adobe.

Can I download an e-book to a mobile device?

All e-books can be read online with mobile devices. Most e-books can also be downloaded to mobile devices for offline use. However, downloading e-books might not work with certain web browsers.