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E-books and other e-materials: Download and read e-books

General information

  • The most common formats for e-books are pdf and ePub.
  • Some e-books can be downloaded to a computer or a mobile device, where they can be read offline using reader software. Other e-books can be read online in a web browser. 
  • To download an e-book, the device has to have a suitable e-book reader software installed beforehand:
    • requirement for computers: Adobe Digital Editions or its equivalent
    • requirement for mobile devices: Bluefire Reader or its equivalent
    • downloading e-books can also require a personal Adobe ID.

The most used reader software is Adobe Digital Editions. Computers in Savonia campus should have the software installed. If you cannot find the software, contact ServiceDesk. You can download the software for free to your own computer.

Downloading e-books to a computer

First time

  1. Create an Adobe account and install free Adobe Digital Editions or equivalent software on your computer.
  2. Open the reader and authorize it with your Adobe ID (=email address that you used to create your Adobe account).
  3. Search the e-book in Savonia-Finna and click the link to the e-book.
  4. If your computer is not connected to Savonia network, the e-book site asks you to login with your Savonia ID and password.
  5. Download the e-book to your computer. NB! Open the e-book in the reader software you installed.
  6. The e-book downloads and opens in the reader. It may take a while.

Next time you can skip phases 1-2 and download e-books straight to the reader.

Check more detailed instructions on how to use different e-book services from the E-book collections page.

Short video on how to use e-books (1.20 min)

Downloading e-books to mobile devices

You can read most e-books using a free reader application that you can download from your device's application store. Using the reader application may require creating an Adobe ID and authorizing the app with it.

E-book apps for mobile devices

NB! Unfortunately Overdrive doesn't necessarily work with all e-book services.