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E-books and other e-materials: General information

Where you can find Savonia Library's e-materials

The links to e-materials:

E-books in Savonia UAS library

Library's e-books

The library provides access to various e-book services for students and staff of Savonia University of Applied Sciences.  

Most e-books are acquired as packages of several titles, some by single title. The terms of use, licenses, loan periods and required reading applications vary between different e-book databases. Some e-books are available for multiple simultaneous users while others have restrictions on concurrent use (e.g. 1-3 simultaneous users).

Instructions for different e-book collections can be found in this guide.

Reading e-books

Some e-books can be read online in a web browser while some can be downloaded to a device to be read offline.

How to find e-books

The e-books can be found in Savonia-Finna. Find the e-book by typing the title or author's name in the search box. The link to the e-book can be found in the search result.

You can also go directly to an e-book collection and search or browse e-books in their own interfaces. The e-book collections can be found in the Database list or in this guide. 


Textbooks are usually acquired in electronic format. However, the availability of e-textbooks is limited.

E-materials: access and conditions of use

E-books and other e-materials acquired by Savonia Library can be accessed via computers and mobile devices connected to Savonia UAS network.

Students and staff of Savonia can also access e-materials remotely, when they are outside Savonia's network, with their personal Savonia user ID and password. The user is responsible for all activity carried out with their user ID.

The use of e-materials is permitted

  1. for the students and staff of Savonia UAS
  2. for non-profit work, research and education.

Savonia Library’s walk-in customers can also access some e-materials via Savonia UAS network.

The detailed terms and conditions of use for most of e-materials can be found here.

E-materials glossary

You can download most e-books and some e-materials to your device and read them offline using software like Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader.

Open-source e-book file format. Allows fixed layout and optimized text.
Digital Rights Management: technology used to control access to digital data. It limits what a user can do with the content.

Adobe ID

Free Adobe account is needed when downloading most e-books. The application/ software must be authorized with an Adobe ID when reading DRM-protected e-books.

Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe e-book reader software for reading and downloading DRM-protected e-books with a computer.