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How to use the Library: Library materials

Search for printed and electronic books in Savonia-Finna

Course books - how to find them?

You can find Savonia’s course books via Savonia-Finna. All the books in Savonia library’s campus libraries are at your disposal: in addition to making reservations, you can also place a fetching service request to a book that is not on loan. Savonia library aims to acquire course books as ebooks whenever that is possible.

Most course book also has a reference book copy that students can read in the library. You can also loan the reference book for overnight or weekend.

Remember to also check out other libraries’ collections: the local public library, the library of the University of Eastern Finland and National Repository Library. You can loan books free of charge from all of these libraries.

Checking book's location and availability in Savonia-Finna

The theses of the Universities of Applied Sciences

You can find most of the theses of Universities of Applied Sciences on the Internet via Theseus. It's possible to limit your search for example to Savonia. Our theses are also in Savonia-Finna.

Off-campus access and license agreements

The students and staff of Savonia have access to the electronic resources outside Savonia UAS with their personal user ID and password. Resources ask you to enter user ID and password, if needed.