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How to use the Library: Borrowing

Self-service devices

Use the self service devices for borrowing and returning items. If you use digital library card (via Tuudo or Savonia-Finna) and lending device has problems with reading the barcode, try zoom in or add screen brightness.

If there is a problem with lending or discharging, please contact the customer service. 

Loan periods

  • Printed course books, dictating devices for 14 days
  • Printed journals and videos for 3 days
  • Laptop computers for  14 days in Iisalmi
  • ​Printed reference books for overnight or weekend loan (reference books can be loaned for 2 hours prior to library closing time, returned by 10 AM the next working day, these loans cannot be renewed).
  • Other material generally for 28 days
  • E-books can be borrowed without library card. Loan period varies.

How to renew loans and make reservations

Renew your loans in Savonia-Finna. Maximum loan period is one year (except handbooks, which you can not renew). You will not be able to renew if there are reservations for the book, the due date has expired more than a month earlier, or if you have library fees 10 € or more. 

Make reservations in Savonia-Finna.

  • You can make reservations for books, which are on loan or available in other campus libraries.
  • You cannot reserve a book that is available in the library, if the pick-up library and the book’s location library are the same. 
  • Reserving is free from charge.

Arrived items will be held for 4 days

  • When the reservation has arrived you can pick up the reserved item by yourself from the self-service shelf and borrow it with the self-service device.

If you want to pick up holds from customer service, please send request to the library's e-mail (

If you don't need the reserved book anymore please cancel it via Savonia-Finna or at customer service. There is a fee (1 €) if the book has arrived and you don't cancel it. 

Short price list

  • Overdue fines
    0,40 €/item/day
    Reference collection and 1 day loans 1 €/item/day
  • Uncollected reservation 1 €/item
  • Lending privileges will be blocked if you have unpaid charges for 10 € or more.
  • Library material transportation between Savonia library units is free of charge

If we don't have the book or journal you want

Can’t find a book in Savonia or another nearby library? Make a purchase proposal for the book at You can also ask the library to order it as an interlibrary loan from elsewhere in Finland or abroad.