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How to use the Library: Copy, print or scan

Multifunction devices

There are many multifunction devices in Campus, which students and staff of Savonia can use to print, copy or scan. Scanning is free of charge. When printing select print queue Canon Cloudprint. More information:

Free of charge

  • 15 euros (150 black and white pages) is added to the the printing balance in existence for  Savonia UAS students at the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters.
  • Theses students receive a 25 euro one-off additional print quota by sending a message to the Savonia Service Desk (

Prices for printing and copying

  • a black and white page costs 10 cents
  • a color page costs 50 cents

Buy more printing balance

Help from Savonia Service Desk


  1. by sending email at:
  2. by sending service advice/request at:
  3. by calling at 044 785 7088 ( in between 8-16, ONLY urgent cases)

You may also visit the SD service point which is located at the Microkatu Campus in the first floor wing B