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Basics of Information Retrieval: Home

Tips for your searches

Before graduating from Savonia UAS, students should acquire skills to find and use reliable and appropriate information. These skills are called information literacy. This guide helps you to develop them.

Information retrieval process


Defining the subject, planning the information retrieval (subject terms), choosing the information sources, information retrieval methods, implementation of information retrieval, evaluation of search result and information retrieval.

The process is not always straightforward. You may need to find out new search words or try other databases etc.

Tips and Tricks

Sources for your thesis?
Missing articles?

If you work or study at the Savonia UAS and need personal guidance with finding information, please contact the library via next link.

Off-campus access and license agreements

The students and staff of Savonia have access to the electronic resources outside Savonia UAS with their personal user ID and password. Resources ask you to enter user ID and password, if needed.